Summer Opens: Seniors’ Team Open, 1st August


This year’s Seniors Team Open is a 4-person Shamble on Tuesday 1st August 2023.

It will be played on the Hollows-Ruffet Courses. It’s open to non-members and members (and teams can consist of any combination).

Please see the bottom of the page for all the information related to this Competition.

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Tuesday 1st August 2023.

This year’s Seniors’ Team Open will be a 4-person Team Shamble played on the Hollows-Ruffet courses.

A ‘shamble’ is where each player tees off; the best position ball is selected and all four players complete the hole from that spot with their own ball.

The best two stableford scores count on each hole and each player must be used for at least three tee shots.

Teams can consist of Men (purple tees, max 28 Playing handicap) and Ladies (green tees, max 40 Playing handicap).

Non-members £40pp,

Kendleshire members £25pp

Entries include a coffee on arrival and a one-course buffet. All entrants must be a member of a club and supply a valid CDH number on entry.